photometerFinalLB Photometer is used to compare the intensities of two light sources. This is achieved by using a combination of specially made prisms knows as Lummer Brodhun Cube. LB Photometer consists of a box that is made totally dark from inside and the prism cube is fitted inside this box along with right angled prisms in a very symetrical fashion.

Light entering from the openings of the box strike the right angled prisms and passes through a right angle and falls on the prism cube.

Our LB Photometer is best in its class and precisely developed. We use custom made right angled glass prisms whose opposite sides are made convex by grinding and then pressing against eachother in a special brass enclosure known as the Brodhun Cube. With precise, carefull machining and proper design, our LB Photometer is totally capable of performing the Light Intensity experiments very accurately.

Technical Specifications

  1. The box has 2 windows for the enterence of light.
  2. If the lights from 2 sources are different, 2 circles, bright and dark are seen through the telescope provided with the box.
  3. The instrument can be mounted on an optical bench.
  4. If the intensities of the lights are almost same, the two rings almost appear to be 1 having the same

Detailed Images